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Android 2019 - 1000 Psi To Bar, Convert psi to bar - conversion of measurement units, 1 pascal is equal to 0.00014503773800722 psi, or 1.0e-5 bar. note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. use this page to learn how to convert between pounds/square inch and bars.. 1000 psi to pound/square inch conversion - convert 1000, 1000 pound/square inch (lb/in²) psi : psi is the abbreviation of pound per square inch, and is widely used in british and american. 1 psi = 6,894.76 pascals. pound/square inch : pounds or pound force per square inch (symbol: psi, lb/in², pfsi or lbf/in²) is a unit of measure for pressure based on avoirdupois units.. Bar to psi (pound force per square inch) conversion, To convert bar to psi (pound force per square inch) please use the conversion tool below. enter the pressure in bars into the converter and the result will be displayed. for all pressure unit conversions, please check pressure conversion ..

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1000 pounds per square inch to bars - coolconversion.com, To convert any value in pounds per square inch to bars, just multiply the value in pounds per square inch by the conversion factor 0.0689475728.so, 1000 pounds per square inch times 0.0689475728 is equal to 68.9475728 bars. see details below and use our calculator to convert any value in pounds per square inch to bars..

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