175 Vs 3mm Filament

10m 3d printer filament abs 1.75mm/3mm various colors [700

Android 2019 - 175 Vs 3mm Filament, Here's the difference between using a 1.75 mm filament and, While, technically, printing with 1.75 mm filament or with a 3 mm one isn't exactly the same, the differences are too small to count in practical terms.. 3mm vs. 2.85mm filament - materials - ultimaker community, Posted december 30, 2013 in 3mm vs. 2.85mm filament i have some actual 3.0mm, +- .1 or so, and it gets a little tight in the bowden tube compared to the 2.85 stuff. but still works none the less.. 1.75 mm vs. 3.00 mm - materials - talk manufacturing | 3d hubs, This is a cyclic debate, and there are no winners, just losers: the customers. as 1.75mm filament is more popular, it may be easier to find online or in your nearest shop. some companies with good printers, such as taz or ultimaker, which use 3mm filament, are the main responsibles for the 3mm filament not disappearing..