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Android 2019 - 3166 2 Country Codes, Iso 3166-2 - wikipedia, Iso 3166-2 is part of the iso 3166 standard published by the international organization for standardization (iso), and defines codes for identifying the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in iso 3166-1.the official name of the standard is codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions – part 2: country subdivision code.. Country codes in iso 3166 - davros.org, Table 2: codes withdrawn from use. iso 3166-3 has a four character code notation for withdrawn codes. the first two characters are the withdrawn code while the last two are the code that replaced it, the code of the country that absorbed the country whose code is withdrawn, or a special code - hh to indicate that there is no single successor code or aa to indicate that the two letter code has .. Iso 3166-2:2013 - codes for the representation of names of, The country codes from all three parts of iso 3166 are available in .xml, .csv and .xls formats here: country codes collection iso 3166-2:2013 establishes a universally applicable code for the representation of the names of principal administrative divisions of countries and territories included in ..

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