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Android 2019 - 341 Meeting Of Creditors Chapter 7, What happens at a chapter 7 bankruptcy meeting of, The chapter 7 meeting of creditors (also called the 341 hearing) is a meeting at which the bankruptcy trustee and your creditors get to ask you questions under oath about your bankruptcy petition and the documents you’re required to provide to the trustee.. 11 u.s. code § 341 - meetings of creditors and equity, Section 341(c) of the senate amendment is deleted and a contrary provision is added indicating that the bankruptcy judge will not preside at or attend the first meeting of creditors or equity security holders but a discharge hearing for all individuals will be held at which the judge will preside.. What is the 341 meeting of creditors in chapter 7 bankruptcy?, Although creditors can appear, i cannot remember the last time a creditor appeared at a meeting. the trustee is looking to see if you are hiding assets, but this very seldom happens. if a person is honest and forthright and if they have assets, they can be impeded in a chapter 7, and could have to file a chapter 13..

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