3m 02040

3m imperial wet/dry 9 x 11

Android 2019 - 3m 02040, 3m 02040, 320 grit wet or dry sandpaper - r&e paint supply, 3m 02040, 320 grit, wet or dry sandpaper . imperial; 50 per pack; 9" x 11" sheet . the 3m 2040, 320 grit, wet or dry sandpaper is a premium, aluminum oxide mineral sandpaper with an improved paper backing and an optimized construction.. 3m 02040 9" x 11" imperial wetordry p320 grit paper sheets, Levels minor dust nibs and for light sanding to adjust mismatched orange peel on all automotive paints. most flexible backing with more consistent scratch pattern make this 3ms best wet sanding product.. 3m™ wetordry™ abrasive sheet 213q | 3m united states, 3m™ wetordry™ abrasive sheet 213q is an abrasive sanding paper constructed on a light, a-weight paper backing and features a waterproof resin bonding to help prevent heat buildup. the aluminum oxide abrasive and waterproof backing make this paper an ideal product for sanding applications such as paint prep, sanding, sealer sanding, and solid surface finishing..

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