3m 7871 Label Sizes

Android 2019 - 3m 7871 Label Sizes, Thermal transfer polyester label material, Thermal transfer polyester label material product data sheet updated : may 2000 supersedes : february 1999 physical properties not for specification purposes facestock 51 micron ( 2.0 thou) gloss radiant white polyester . • 3m label material 7871 is ul recognised (file mh16411) and csa accepted (file 99316). see the ul and csa listings for .. 3m white gloss polyester 7871 labels - labfax, 3m 7871 can be supplied in continuous or die cut rolls in any size for all thermal transfer label printers. labfax also offers a range of thermal transfer ribbons suitable for use.. Thermal transfer polyester label material, 3m™ thermal transfer polyester label material 7871 •7871fl• 7872 •7872fl• 7873 features • adhesive can permanently bond to high surface energy (hse) and low surface energy (lse) plastics, textured and contoured surfaces, powder coatings, and slightly oily metals..