3m Detection System Model 3500

Android 2019 - 3m Detection System Model 3500, 3m detection system (model 3500), The model 3500 is completely safe for all magnetic media. along with a built-in red alarm light, it features an audible alarm. in addition, the customer counter records the number of library visitors. the following specifications are . 3m™ detection system (model 3500). 3m detection system (model 3500), Designed for use with 3m ™ tattle-tape ™ security strips, this stylish, versatile and compact system provides excellent coverage to protect library items from loss.. 3m detection system (model 3500), 3m™ detection system (model 3800) ul-certified libraries have a choice of either a model 3500 detection system or a model 3800 detection system. increased productivity and security freeing librarians to be librarians 3m library systems 3m™ bookcheck unit 940-series..