Android Location Service Listener

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Android 2019 - Android Location Service Listener, Best way to get user gps location in background in android, In my android app i want to get user current location every few minute interval and update in to my center server using web service. currently i am using fused location provide for get user current location, see link. now i want to know what is the best way to get user location frequently and call web service.. Gps - stop location listener in android - stack overflow, In my android app i need to get current gps location of the user at the start of the application only if location has change from the previous location. but the problem is when i inside the application if location change (ie if user was traveling while using the app) app is starting from the beginning.. A good example of background service getting location, So, my service location (listener location) will be fired only when android os has been request for location by other app for example, google maps. after a few hours looking deep on location providers i found it which is called locationmanager.passive_provider..

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