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Android 2019 - Android Lockcanvas, Drawing an image using surfaceview. android game programming 2, In the view implementation the ondraw method is called directly by the holder in a code we can not see when the view is created. the holder is the object that contains the view when we implement the version extending surfaceview the ondraw method is not called. then we have to call it explicitly. in order to call ondraw we need the canvas object to pass as a parameter.. Android live wallpaper tutorial - android tutorials, Live wallpapers are animated , interactive backgrounds for the android home screen. a live wallpaper is similar to other android applications and can use most of the same functionality.. 14+ android alertdialog.builder example codes and output, These android alertdialog.builder example codes are some of the most common ui element or widget that we use with any android app. in general, an alertdialog is a small window that appears in front of your application. it gets the screen focus and able to accept user interaction..

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