Android Webview Session Timeout

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Android 2019 - Android Webview Session Timeout, Ssl session not being reused in android webview - stack, I have been trying out ssl session reuse on android webview. we noticed that the ssl session is being re-used if the consecutive requests happen within ~5 seconds. . ssl session not being reused in android webview. ask question . (nginx) we have set the ssl_session_timeout 10m meaning, 10 minutes and keep-alive is for 30 seconds. seems like .. Android app auto-exit/timeout functionality - stack overflow, Android app auto-exit/timeout functionality. . if your session expires you just get kicked out to the login screen anyway. but in production, the login screen will be on the android app, completely independent of the webview. . check the timeout status in onresume() of the webview-hosting activity. if the activity is too old, call .. Webview | android developers, Android.webkit.webview a view that displays web pages. basic usage. in most cases, we recommend using a standard web browser, like chrome, to deliver content to the user. to learn more about web browsers, read the guide on invoking a browser with an intent. ..