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Android 2019 - Any News On Brett Kavanaugh, Brett kavanaugh is bad news, Brett kavanaugh, whom donald trump has nominated to replace anthony kennedy on the supreme court, likely appealed to the president in part because of his establishment pedigree. the 53-year-old went to yale for both college and law school, and he sits on the ultra-prestigious u.s. court of appeals for the dc circuit.. Reactions to trump's decision to nominate brett kavanaugh, Key for kavanaugh's nomination will be the decisions of a handful of moderate republicans and moderate democrats. so far, sen. joe manchin, d-west virginia, sen. doug jones, d-alabama, and sen .. Trump announces nomination of judge brett kavanaugh for, President donald trump is nominating influential conservative judge brett kavanaugh to the supreme court as he seeks to shift the nation's highest court further to the right..

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