Bottom Feeder Goldfish Tank

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Android 2019 - Bottom Feeder Goldfish Tank, Bottom feeder for a goldfish tank | my aquarium club, Bottom feeder for a goldfish tank. is there a bottom feeder that can live in a 10 gallon with a goldfish . i know the goldfish shouldnt be in a 10 but its what i could afford. he is already stunted and i am sad that he is but i did not know when i bought him. sponsored links.. Bottomfeeder for goldfish tank | my aquarium club, Bottomfeeder for goldfish tank. by iggyiguana, 3 years ago. 1,864 1.9k. bottomfeeder for goldfish tank. hi peeps so i was wondering what bottom feeder can keep in a tank with goldfish ?? i can't get a pleco as my tank is to small is a snail good ?? what kinds of snails ??. 8 goldfish tank mates - clubfauna, Tank size – if you are getting tank mates for your goldfish, make sure you have the room for all the fish to have their space. bottom feeders – many bottom feeders are fish that can live well with goldfish. (plecos & loaches).

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