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Android 2019 - E0b8aae0b881e0b98ae0b8ade0b895e0b984e0b89ae0b8a3e0b98ce0b897 3m 7440, Scotch-brite(tm) heavy duty hand pad 7440b, 9 length x 6, Scotch-brite(tm) heavy duty hand pad 7440b, 9 length x 6 width, a medium grit (pack of 40) . scotch-brite heavy duty hand pad 7440 . 3m packages and labels its industrial/commercial products for purchase and use by industrial, professional, and commercial customers. unless specifically stated on the product package or applicable product .. 3m scotch-brite 7447b hand pad 04229, aluminum oxide, very, 3m scotch-brite non-woven 7447b hand pad uses aluminum oxide as the abrasive material. since this product is non-woven, grade is generally used to describe the abrasiveness; with the 04229 having a very fine grade. the hand pad has a width of 6 in and length of 9 in. specifications.. 3m 7440 heavy duty hand pads s-21116 - uline, Conforms to uneven surfaces. lasts longer than steel wool. for stripping varnish, deburring welds and removing rust. cuts fast to remove contaminants and oxides. tan medium-grade aluminum oxide. uline offers over 30,000 boxes, plastic poly bags, mailing tubes, warehouse supplies and bubble wrap for your storage, packaging, or shipping supplies..