P0491 Audi Q5

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Android 2019 - P0491 Audi Q5, P0491 audi - secondary air injection system insufficient, P0491 audi description secondary air injection system insufficient flow bank 1 is the generic description for the p0491 audi code, but the manufacturer may have a different description.. How to fix trouble codes p0491 and p0492 - 2carpros, How to fix trouble codes p0491 and p0492. tjennings2 member; 2004 audi a6; 120,000 miles; the codes mean secondary insufficient air flow or something like that. help! . 2000 audi a6 p0411 code. my check engine light is on and the problem code seems to be a p0411. how serious is this and how much roughly cost to get fixed.. How to fix audi error code p0491 tutorial - loadware.org, The valve is located under the plastic engine audi q5 secondary air injection system to be your problem you can test it a few different ways. i would recommend checking the relay, solenoid not codes include p0410, p0411, p0412, p0492..