P1682 Code Jeep

1999 jeep wrangler "no bus": odometer shows "no bus...

Android 2019 - P1682 Code Jeep, P1682 alternator? - jeepforum.com, Driving my jeep last night, check gauges light comes on, and the voltage gauge is all the way to the left. i get it home, turn it off, and the car starts up fine, this time the voltage gauge is at about 12 or so. check for codes and get p1682(charging system voltage too low).. P1682 jeep error code-charging system voltage too low, If there are multiple descriptions of the diagnostic code listed above, please read below to see if any of the descriptions are known to be for a specific model or year of jeep vehicle.. I have problem ( engine power reduced ), code 1682 ignit, The p1682 code means that there is a difference in voltage between the ignition switch circuit 1 and circuit 2. there are a few things that can cause this - including a fault with the ignition switch itself or a fuse / relay involved in the circuit..

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