Pepsi It039s The Same

Android 2019 - Pepsi It039s The Same, Pepsi tv commercial, 'ice the kicker' featuring ron rivera, Pepsi tv spot, 'ice the kicker' featuring ron rivera, devin funchess, song by same spence. submissions should come only from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency.. pepsi and coke owned by the same company?, The reason that coke and pepsi often come out with simmilar products at roughly the same time, is because of how well they sell. if you notice, coke will release something, and a month(?) later pepsi will have a similar product. it has to do with trends and selling power.. Pepsi and coke are not the same? | yahoo answers, Pepsi and coke are not the same? what do you do when you go to restaurant, ask if they have coke, they tell you yes, and then bring you pepsi? update: for those of you saying to tell them to give me what i order, coke and pepsi products are never sold in the same restaurant..