Ryzen 1700x High Temperature

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Android 2019 - Ryzen 1700x High Temperature, Amd clarifies ryzen 7 1800x and 1700x temperature readings, Specifically, the amd ryzen™ 7 1700x and 1800x carry a +20°c offset between the tctl° (reported) temperature and the actual tj° temperature. in the short term, users of the amd ryzen™ 1700x and 1800x can simply subtract 20°c to determine the true junction temperature of their processor. no arithmetic is required for the ryzen 7 1700.. Ryzen: what's up with the "high temps"?, The ryzen 1700x and 1800x report a temperature that can be up to 20 degrees c warmer than the chip is actually experiencing. that means the chip is much cooler than it reports.. Amd ryzen 1700x, 1800x cpus have a temperature reporting, If you were wondering why your amd ryzen 1700x or 1800x has a high temperature then you will be glad to know that there is an offset of +20c which means that there is a difference between the ..